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Vigne & Vini Roncolato Antonio Via Carcera

The first vineyards of the Roncolato’s family dates back to the middle of nineteenth century. They testify the great tradition of the beautiful wine-reality of Verona. The distinctive feature of our winery are the natural manner in the vineyard’s management and especially the wine-making process to exalt the peculiarities of the different cru. The meticulous yearly vintage is made passing by the vineyards several times to pick up bunches at the perfect ripeness. From the vineyard the grapes are taken to the winery to give the wines constant temperature; modern technologies work for completely natural wine-making processes. The different types of Soave arise out of 30 hectares vineyard situated in the classic and most ancient area and grown on a simple pergola or on guyot.

The wine called Soave Classico come only from Garganega grapes: before the soft pressing, grapes go through a short cryo-ret and then the obtained grape must ferments in thermo-conditioned tanks. The wine called Recioto di Soave Docg is instead produced only in the best vintage-years by withering in fruit cellar of the Soave’s Garganega and Trebbiano grapes. It is an excellent meditation’s wine planned and produced following a very careful quality line. The grapes picked up in the middle of September are taken in the fruit cellar and suspended in long lines or set on trellis where they remain till January of the next year. The obtained juice is set in barrique barrels to ripe. The obtained wine is fragrant with a scent of honey and floral nuances. This sweet wine has his gastronomic goal in the classic dessert, but it also combines well together with herb, salt or spicy cheeses, fatty lever, foie gras and all kind of soft food. In this case his sweet taste does not set over but is a clear contrast with the food-specialities.The vineyards of the wine called Valpolicella are situated in the town of S. Pietro di Lavagno.

The east area of Verona is very suggestive with its cultivated fields, vineyards, olive-groves and orchards which embellish a territory where the populated centres have not spoilt the nature. Our vineyards exceptional southward location on dry wall terraces placed in a private property - section of an old, aristocratic residence - produce very high quality grapes. The wine is produced combining innovative technology with a very old withering technique in order to concentrate sugars and obtain full-bodied wines rich of extracts and noble tannins. The result is a noble, excellent, worldwide well-know wine called Amarone.

The vineyards cover an area of about 30 hectare and are situated in the hills of the Soave “ classico d.o.c.” region, and in the hills of Valpolicella d.o.c. area. A variety of factors, such as the abundance of sun, the use of organic fertilizers, proper spacing of the grapes, and a harvest performed at the peak of grape maturation not to mention years of wine-making experience all combine to produce a wine of consistently high quality.